3ac3b-alice2btribueAlice Tribue burst in to our line of slight with last year with Unspeakable Truths; a story about a widow who blames her husbands death on the best man, only to find out that everything she knows is wrong. It was gripping and ended up on our best of 2014 lists. Alice is back with another outstanding offering, Contractual, a story of an escort. who really isn’t, and her one and only client. Next up for Alice in April is an Unspeakable Truths novella in the What If? anthology. Alice took some time out of her schedule to answer our 20 questions. Get to know more about Alice and her books below.



1. Have you always wanted to be a writer?

I always knew that I wanted to do something creative I just didn’t know what. I majored in Television and Radio production, took a few screenplay writing classes and found that I liked writing. It evolved from there.

2. Has it become a full time job for you, or do you have another profession?

Up until very recently I had another profession but I went out on maternity leave in October and decided to stay home for a while. So for NOW this is my full time profession. Time will tell if that will be a permanent thing.

3. Talk to us about what it’s like to be an indie author?

It is exciting, amazing, frustrating, challenging. Like anything else it has it’s ups and downs but it really fills me with a sense of pride knowing that I’m responsible for my work from beginning to end. I’m responsible for the content, the editing, the images and  cover design, marketing. It’s all on me and It’s pretty cool to know that I’m capable of doing all of those things.

4. I would think that writing is something that happens when inspiration strikes as opposed to a 9-5 job. Have you ever been in the middle of dinner with your family when an idea hits and you have to get to the computer stat?

Yes!!! Inspiration can strike absolutely anywhere, for me it’s usually while I’m in my car driving a song will come on the radio and one line can trigger an entire book. Usually I’ll grab my phone and record a memo or type out a note when I get to a traffic light.

5. You write such emotionally driven characters. Is it hard to go where they take you?

No, the conversations come easy to me, I hear them in my head, I see it play out like a movie. What’s difficult is the description of the scene, where they are, what they’re doing, is she anxious, is he nervous and how to express that through words.

6. Are there any characters you relate the most to in your books?

I think there are tiny pieces of me in all of my characters, experiences that I have gone through, emotions that I’ve felt, like for Mia being a brand new mom and those fears that she felt. I can so relate to that.

7. What are your biggest distractions?

My kids, specifically my 3 month old son who makes writing very difficult at times but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

8. What is your least favorite part of the writing or publishing process?

Marketing and promoting the work is hard and not always fun but it’s necessary.

9. Do you find it difficult, or challenging to write from the male POV?

Not too difficult although Jackson was terrifying. I wasn’t sure if I could do him justice. Once I got into the groove though he came a lot easier to me. I had a male reviewer who  gave the book 5 stars which was a validation, it tells me that I didn’t do such a bad job on him.

10. What activities do you enjoy outside of writing?

I love doing things with my kids, going to concerts, movies, dinner out with friend and family.

11. Do you have a favorite author?

I am a HUGE Kristen Ashley fan.

12. Ever think you have a great idea for a book, only to find out someone released the same storyline already?

I can’t say that that has happened to me as of yet!

13. Do you have multiple stories swimming in your head at once?

At this moment there are three possible stories in my head. I need to pick one this week to work on.

14. If you could pick one favorite scene you wrote, what would it be?

I love the scene when Luca comes back for Everly at the end of Unspeakable Truths. It was a very fun scene to write.  I also like Jackson wanting to take care of a sick Sage and the banter between them in Contractual.

15. What does your writing workspace look like?

I have an office, I swear I do… I have not ever used it. LOL.. I write in my bed with my laptop, the TV on as background noise and as of late, my son in his bassinet next to me.

16. Sharing your baby with the public has to be scary. How do you respond to negative reviews?

I have developed a thick skin in the last two years. There’s always WAY MORE positive reviews than there are negative which is nice, it helps. I just tell myself that I can’t please everyone, there will always be people who don’t like my writing style or my characters and that’s fine. Sometimes I’ll read the negative reviews to see if there’s anything that I can take away from them, anything that might help me next time but otherwise they no longer phase me.

17. If you could cast your books, who would you choose?

I can’t think of that many people but Luca and Everly would be a young Kate Beckinsale and Ryan Guzman was my muse for Luca. For Jackson, I took a lot of elements from Gerard Butler, though Jackson is younger.

18. Can you tell us what you are working on next?

Coming up next will be the Of Love box set which combines my first two books into one set with a few extra scenes.  In April I will be taking part in the What if Anthology which will feature an Unspeakable Truths Novella, and finally I will be starting my next standalone this week which will hopefully be out  late spring.

19. What is in your purse right now?

My wallet, some mail, lipgloss, change, a cell phone charger, a travel sized lotion and hand sanitizer.

20. Where do you hope your writing career is in 10 years?

My goal is for every book to be a little bit better than the last, for my writing to grow and get better with each book. My hope is that every book reaches a slightly larger audience that with every book someone new will discover my stories.

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translation of loveEllie Brooks has spent the past two years of her life building barriers around herself that are guaranteed to keep people out and her demons in. She doesn’t want to get close to anyone for fear of being hurt again. When she meets Latin superstar Victor Garza, she is shocked at how quickly he is able to penetrate her armor. She doesn’t want to let him in but can’t deny the chemistry they have. He has the potential to heal her wounds and open her heart but she isn’t sure she can let him.

Will love be enough to keep them together or will Ellie’s past prove to be too much for the pair to overcome?


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desperation of loveTo the outside world, Jordan Burke appears to have the perfect life. A fulfilling career, family and great friends, but looks can be deceiving. Events from her childhood, and a painful secret, keep Jordan isolated and unwilling to commit to any man. For her, every relationship comes with its own expiration date.

Alex Garza has lived in the shadow of his brother’s fame for most of his life. He’s an outcast in his own family and never able to put his own needs first. When his brother gives up his career to settle down, Alex is forced to reevaluate his life plans too. Over the past year, his friendship with Jordan has developed into a source of comfort. Now that he has the time to devote to a relationship, can he convince her to take a chance on love or will their painful pasts and a tragic event destroy their future?


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shelter youShe’s mine.
That was the first thought that came to my mind when I held my baby in my arms at seventeen. I didn’t care that my parents had already promised to give her to a wealthy family. That they were forcing me to give her away.
She was mine.
I ran away from that hospital, from that family, from the only life I knew. I planned to start over with what little money I had, determined to make something of myself despite the odds.
Then Logan Tate came along.
Gorgeous and controlling, he claimed he was trying to help me, and he didn’t care that I was just another teenage pregnancy story.
But I don’t trust him. I don’t trust anyone. And if Logan knew the real secrets and lies I was keeping inside, he wouldn’t dare try to shelter me.


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Everything I ever learned about fairy-tales was a fucking lie…
Four years ago, my life was everything I wanted it to be: I had everything I wanted, everything I needed, in my best friend and newly wedded husband—Tyler.
Yet, hours after we said “I do,” I lost him.
The dreams we’d shared, the future we’d planned—all of our hopes and desires, were ripped away in mere seconds.
And now, four years later, my life still feels like a hopeless eternity.
So, I guess it’s quite fitting that the last person I want to hear from is currently standing at my front door.
He wants to tell me the truth about that night, he wants to be my new knight in shining armor, but the thing is…
He was the best man…   



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They told me I’d be an escort; they made it sound so easy.
Really I’m just a high priced call girl.
Desperation brought me to this and it led me to him, my one and only client.
Hating him is easy, he reminds me of my shame.
Wanting him is wrong it fills me with guilt.
Loving him is a losing battle yet it’s become everything.
A gift and a curse, he consumes my every thought and I’d rather play my part in his bed than to spend one day without him.



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Alice Tribue lives with her husband, daughter and son in New Jersey. She has a bachelors degree in communications and is currently working on her masters degree. She spends most of her free time reading, writing, and when the weather permits lounging out on a beach.


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