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We are excited to be spotlighting Elle Christensen an amazing author who will be attending The Wild and Windy in the City book signing in Chicago that we are sponsoring in May!  She has a fantastic fantasy series along with some wonderful standalone romance novels.


20 Questions with Elle Christensen

Have you always wanted to be a writer?

Yes. I started writing my first novel when I was twelve. But, after being forced to update and rewrite every few year, as I got older, I finally put that one in the archives. lol. I focused on a different career for most of my life, but I’ve always wanted to publish. Now, it’s writing.

What did you do before becoming a full-time writer?  

Professional singer & personal trainer

If you could go back in time, what advice would you give your younger self?

Wow, this is a tough question. I’m not sure.

Do you work on one storyline at a time or do you have multiple storylines in the pipeline?

It depends on what I’m on a deadline for. lol. I used to write only one story at a time, although I did stop in the middle of one to write another one with someone else. But currently, I have several projects going at once, so I’m working on 3-4 books at once.  It’s easier than I thought to go in and out of worlds, however, switching POV from past to present depending on the book, can get a little complicated. lol

Let’s play favorites! Who is your favorite character you’ve written?

I hate this question. lol. I love my characters, each on such a different way. However, Fate is the most fun to write and when her story is written, it will be that much more powerful because you will see what lies beneath the facade, her vulnerabilities.

Have you experienced any of your stories personally?

Well, my husband is the inspiration for every hero I write. Even if it’s just a kernel. Some little thing that he does, or a specific feature, then the character blossoms from there. I think all authors leave a bit of themselves in every story. However, GIve Me Yesterday was the book I drew the most on my own experience. I’ve lost people very close to me and dealt with major anxiety, so I was able to bring my own emotions and experiences into VIctoria.

What are your biggest distractions?

OMG…squirrels, and anything shiny… OK, mostly it’s Facebook, talking to my book besties, and my husband is a big distraction. lol.  But, he’s the best kind. And sometimes his “distraction” can be classified as research…

What is your least favorite part of the writing or publishing process?

Whenever a story takes shape in my head, I outline it. THe thing I hate is all the little stuff I have to come up with the connect each point on my outline. lol. Those things are important to the story, but they take a lot more concentration, making sure that thread the book seamlessly without being boring, repetitive, or useless fluff.

Do you find it difficult, or challenging to write from the male POV?

For some reason, male POV is easier for me. However, it’s really about which character speaks to me. Granted, in my solo books I write both, but with my co-written books, we feel out the characters and pick the one we connect with. I was very surprised when we plotted Give Me Yesterday and I ended up wanting to write the female.

What activities do you enjoy outside of writing?

Reading!!! I am crafty-ish and I really love making my own swag. I also create covers and teasers, which is a lot of fun. I love to play board games, go to broadway shows, and have movie (well, TV show) marathons with the hubs. I’m pretty eclectic and enjoy a lot of stuff.

Do you have a favorite author or book?

My favorite author is Jennifer L. Armentrout and her Lux series is my favorite of all time. Although, The Scarlet Pimpernel is the book that sparked my love of romance and it is right up there sharing the favorite spot.

Ever think you have a great idea for a book, only to find out someone released the same storyline already?  

OMG. YES! THis just happened to me. It was pretty hilarious actually. I had an idea and even outlined the whole book. Then I read Kelli Jean’s NOLA’s Own series (freaking awesome books) and realized that she wrote the whole thing first. lol! Even down to the heroine’s occupation. Obviously, I had my own spin but it was way too close. I haven’t scrapped it, but I’m definitely cleaning the slate and only keeping the bare bones.

Have you ever had writer’s block and how do you work through it?

Definitely. Usually, I read to inspire me to start writing again. Reading always reminds me why I love to write. However, sometimes I have to let the block run it’s course. You can’t force it. I try to write even just a paragraph a day until it’s flowing again.

Do you ever find yourself jumping up from the dinner to table to jot down a scene that just ran through your head?

Actually, if I have an idea at the dinner table, I immediately discuss it with hubs. lol. However, I’ve had to speak it into my phone while writing, grab a pen in the middle of the night, and hop out of the shower to make notes.

What does your writing workspace look like?

I have a desk set up in a room of my house that has two glass walls and a glass ceiling. I love the sunshine, as well as the way it makes me feel open and free, and not cooped up.

Sharing your work with the public has to be scary. How do you respond to negative reviews?

I actually don’t read many of my reviews. When the book is first released, I like to read some of the 4 and 5 star reviews. However, at some point, I even stop reading those. The reason, is that I’m tender-hearted, and I know it. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I know not everyone is going to love my book. So, I have no problem with them leaving their honest opinion, the problem I have is that their comments make me second guess myself. It caused the worst writer’s block I’ve ever had. So, I stopped reading them. lol

Do you have any visuals for your characters from any of your books?

I do sometimes, but I can see the characters so clearly in my head that I often can’t find someone who really represents them. The covers of my fae series have gotten pretty close. Laila from Loving Ean, was one that had a specific inspiration though, she looked like Reece Whitherspoon to me.

Can you tell us what you are working on next?

I’m currently writing the 4th Fae book, Saving Kendrix, I’m also working on a book for a new Kindle World, one for a multi-author release. I’ve also got a secret project that I’m deep into.

What is in your purse right now?

Lol! My wallet, a coupon for swag, my kindle, pens, lip gloss, and gum.

Do you have a favorite scene or book of your own?

I love all of my books, I get sucked into reading them every time I go looking for quotes. I hate to pick a favorite because I don’t want to discourage anyone from reading the others. However, I have to be honest. GIve Me Yesterday is my favorite. There is something so special about that book. When we finished writing it, I sat back and thought, holy crap, we just made magic. I have so many favorite scenes from all of my books, I could never pick! Although, most scenes with Fate are high on that list!

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More about Elle  Christensen

I’m a lover of all things books, a hopeless romantic, and have always had a passion for writing. Between being a sappy romantic, my love of an HEA, my crazy imagination, and ok, let’s be real, my dirty mind, I fell easily into writing romance.

I’m a huge baseball fan and yet, a complete girly, girl. I’m an obsessive reader and have a slight (hahaha! Slight? Yeah, right) addiction to signed books.

I’m married to my very own book boyfriend, an alpha male with a sexy, sweet side. He is the best inspiration, my biggest supporter and the love of my life. He is also incredibly patient and understanding about the fact that he has to fight the voices in my head for my attention.

I hope you enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoyed writing them!

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