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Each book Whitney G brings us is pure perfection! Have you met Jonathon Statham or Andrew Hamilton? You are missing out if you haven’t. Get to know Whitney and her books better with our 20 questions!


1. Have you always wanted to be a writer?

I have! I’ve loved writing ever  since I was a little girl. I even majored in Creative Nonfiction.  🙂

2. Are you a full time writer?  If so, what did you do in your “previous life?”  

Yes, I am currently a full time writer. In my previous life, I was, let’s see: A night auditor, a homeless college graduate/bum, a Rite Aid clerk, a dress clerk, a…(Okay…Let’s just say I’ve had  A LOT of jobs in my previous life. I even got fired from a few of them! LOL)

3. If you could go back in time, what advice would you give your younger self?

I would tell myself to smile more and take more risks–A LOT more risks! (Oh, and to avoid dating certain people. Yikes!)

4. Do you work on one storyline at a time or do you have multiple storylines in the pipeline?

I’m incapable of working on one story at a time. I usually work on anywhere between three to five at a time.

5. Let’s play favorites! Who is your favorite character you’ve written?

Andrew Hamilton! (But the hero in Turbulence may take his spot eventually)  🙂

6. Have you experienced any of your stories personally?

Ha! I wish!

7. What are your biggest distractions?

Honestly, Pinterest and the Barnes and Noble bookstore. <–I can never get out of there for some reason.

8. What is your least favorite part of the writing or publishing process?

My least favorite part is definitely reaching the end of the first draft. Since I usually go through ten to twenty (or more) redrafts, getting to the end of the first one is really scary to me for some reason. It always feels like pulling teeth because for me, the book doesn’t actually start to get good until draft seven. LOL

9. Do you find it difficult, or challenging to write from the male POV?

Not at all. I actually prefer the male POV over the female POV.

10. What activities do you enjoy outside of writing?

This is going to sound so cliche, but READING! Okay, and after that, I enjoy walking and going to the theater.

11. Do you have a favorite author or book?

My favorite author is Joan Didion, and I have like 100 favorite books so I can’t pick just one!

12. Ever think you have a great idea for a book, only to find out someone released the same storyline already?  

Oh, man. This has happened to me before, but my story was already completed so I had to release it anyway. On the plus side, I’ve realized that two authors can write the exact same storyline but the books won’t ever be the same because of different writing style, voice, etc. so I try not to worry about that anymore :-).

13. Have you ever had writer’s block and how do you work through it?

Yes! And it was awful! 🙁 To get through it, I re-read a bunch of my favorite books, started a new project that was much different, and eventually, the  project in question fell into place. (Months later, though :-/ )

14. Do you ever find yourself jumping up from the dinner to table to jot down a scene that just ran through your head?

YES! My friends think I’m crazy whenever I’m out with them and I run to my car to jot something down.

15. What does your writing workspace look like?

I write at Starbucks/B&N so it’s usually just me, an empty table with a grande coffee, and a notebook. When I get to later drafts, I bring the laptop along.

16. Sharing your baby with the public has to be scary. How do you respond to negative reviews?

I don’t LOL. (I never, ever respond 🙂 ) It’s definitely scary putting my work out there to be judged, and I know that I will *never* be able to please everyone, so I just write for the one person I can please: myself. If someone writes a negative review, or even a reallyyy nasty one, that’s more than okay. The world will keep spinning, and I’ll keep writing. LOL 🙂

17. Do you have any visuals for your characters from any of your books?

I do, I have a pinterest board for each book I write. To be more specific though, I picture Andrew Hamilton from Reasonable Doubt as Henry Cavill and Claire Gracen from Mid Life Love as Angelina Jolie.

18. Can you tell us what you are working on next?

I’m currently working on two secret projects and I’m preparing to release Turbulence, an erotic romance.

19. What is in your purse right now?

A banana and my wallet. Okay, no wait. I just threw my phone and a pair of glasses in there so my answer wouldn’t seem so odd. Did it work?

20. Do you have a favorite scene or book of your own?

You mean out of one of my own books? Right now, I would say it’s a tie between the interview scene in Reasonable Doubt and a certain rain scene in Turbulence 🙂

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