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This series has been awesome so far and I am excited to read the third!


5 stars


Author Emma Sparks struggles with a decision that could change her life forever. Does she stay with Daniel, the only man she’s known and loved, the one man that has given her everything except what her mind and body craves? Or should she set out on a journey of self-discovery with Markus, a Dominant that promises to teach her about who she really is and who makes her body come alive with excitement. Torn between a life of discontent and a life that promises excitement and passion, Emma’s heart is at war with her mind and body, she must come to term with what she truly desires and what’s best for her. Daniel and Markus each give her something she needs, but those needs are completely different from the other. It’s now up to Emma to decide which one will make her life complete.

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Ava Bell has yet to disappoint with her third installment of The Tabu Series. Her ability to wind you up after feeling the security of the flow of the story is unmatched. I went into this book confident that I knew the outcome. Despite a few bumps my pictured outcome was happening with bliss. That is until Miss Ava dropped bombs on it all and twisted me around until I was left with a blank canvas and my feelings had started anew. But that still wasn’t the end. At the end, when the words of Emma stopped…I was left CURIOUS.

Emma- I loved seeing her develop into the submissive she was meant to be and enjoyed seeing her feel good and natural in her own skin. It was empowering to read a woman feeling happy and sure of herself despite it not be the “norm” to submit and be controlled by a male counterpart.

Daniel- He broke me in ways only a mother and one part of a seasoned relationship can. He didn’t throw it in the towel and I can respect that more than I thought I would with him coming into this book.

Markus- He also surprised me. Sometimes the most deceit comes in the form of loving, touching, and squeezing. He seemed to be the most complex and complicated character in this and I was surprised of his character development.

This series has sparked an interest into this genre like no other book has. That is counting FSOG. This book and series is much more than a D/s relationship. It is a journey of a mother who has lost herself and will stop at nothing to find herself. It a love story. It is amazing and refreshing. Worth the read for sure.

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