Still Falling by Lucia Grace-CASSIE’S REVIEW

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Because Lucia Grace is an amazing newer author that everyone should give a chance.


5 stars


Tracey Cole—
I’ve loved Damon Miles since I was seven years old. One dimpled smile and I knew I’d never love anyone but him. I watched him filter through girl after girl then woman after woman, as the years passed. I was the wallflower in the shadows, my love for him a poorly guarded secret as I held onto our friendship with all my might.

Damon Miles—
I hide behind my charm and between the legs of random women to mask the demons clawing at my back. I have spent a lifetime keeping my feelings for Tracey at bay. Feelings that I have no right having when I can’t be who she wants or needs. If I love her the way I want to, I could lose her, and that isn’t an option.

One night changes everything. Passion ignites, truths are told, and emotions erupt, proving what they’ve both been trying to fight…That they are still falling.

Damon Miles has demons. Dark ones. Tracey Cole is his shining light. Can childhood friends find their way together? Or will the past and present collide and keep them apart?


Whereas Kayson and Ember gave us gritty, raw, and cut throat deep…Ace and Damon are a slower and sweeter burn. First compliment of this review goes to Miss Lucia’s depth in writing. Stilling Falling has such a different tambour although we deal with some heavier hitting topics. And there were DEFINITELY some tense moments

Damon….holy wow! He is one sexy officer. It is hard not to fall for his caveman ways as they come straight from the heart. His beautiful but secretly broken soul was almost the end of me for a bit there…but no worries…it is romance after all.

Ace!!!! THIS GIRL! Small but knows how to KICK SOME BUTT! She is passionate about the shop and I just love it. I think most girls can relate to her as they’ve had a long winded secret crush…however this girl loves her some Damon and I would have not survived if she didn’t grab him.

Their fights could set a match on FIRE. Explosive. They are just explosive. It makes you go wide eyed. Your shoulders will tense! But no worries…they makeup makes it worth it. Also, Lucia NAILS the comedic relief. Just nails it. Was very happy to get some Sam back. Girl can crack me up in the most emotional of times.

This book was even better than the first and I LOVED the first. This author…she is here to stay! Cannot wait for more of Pleasant Beach.

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