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4 stars


It’s just Jocelyn’s luck that she meets her match at the fake bachelorette party her best friend throws for her.

She knows better than to get pulled into any of Cee-Cee’s antics. It must have been sheer exhaustion that made her agree to help her best friend out with a work project – one that ended up with her playing bachelorette for the night!

No man ever wants to be knocked off his feet by a woman he meets while she’s wearing a bachelorette “suck for a buck” shirt…

Andrew knows that he wants Jocelyn the moment he lays eyes on her, but he’s never been one to poach on another man’s territory. He walks away but finds himself changed by the experience. Imagine his surprise when he sees her again, only to discover she isn’t married and has never even been engaged.

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Sucked Into Love is a spin-off from Rochelle’s outstanding, Blythe College series. In Outside the Box, we briefly met Josie, when she caused a bit unintentional friction between Luka and Audrey. In Sucked Into Love, Josie is causing friction of her own.

Josie has essentially been on her own since her mother died. Her father retreated into himself and ignored Josie for most of her formative years. He sent her off to boarding school, where she was a scholarship ice skater. After being injured and unable to competitively skate, Josie discovered her second love, physical therapy. Hoping to score a job with the local hockey team, Josie moves home and reconnects with her best friend Cee Cee. Cee Cee convinces Josie to help her throw a fake bachelorette party at the hottest new club in town….with Josie as the bachelorette

Andrew has succeeded as a professional hockey player, and is now a restaurant and club owner. He is known around town as a playboy who basically gets whatever he wants. When he spots a beautiful girl across the room at his club, all he can think about is going over and sweeping her off her feet.  That is, until she turns around and he sees the tiara and sash. She’s the bride. She’s already taken.

Fate is working for Josie and Andrew. When they reconnect a few weeks later, the sparks fly. Once some misunderstandings are cleared up, the chemistry between Andrew and Josie is combustible.  They are hot for each other immediately, but Andrew wants to her to know he’s in this for the relationship and Josie, not just for sex. He is looking for the challenge, not the easy lay. Josie wants to wait, but her attraction to Andrew is too strong to ignore. The sex scenes in this book are H.O.T.  Andrew is a protective, over the top, alpha male. He wants Josie to belong to him, and only him. Some of his ways are a bit unorthodox, but he will stop at nothing to make her his. Josie grew up thinking if you love someone, you will lose them. She’s not as forthcoming in her relationship with Andrew. She is afraid to love him… because that means losing him.

I really enjoyed this book. It was a light, easy read. I think the story line could have been a bit more developed and I am not sure if I believed in this instant love, but I did like their chemistry. Rochelle Paige is, and will remain, a go-to author for me.

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