Sylvie by K. Langston-Cassie’s Review

Why I Read It

I have loved all of K. Langston’s books and was ready to get my heart ripped out.

What I Rated It

What It’s About




Will she ever find a way to overcome the guilt?

The anger.

The pain.

Healing seems impossible.

Moving on…


Until him.

He’s the only who can save her.

But it comes with a heavy price.

Cassie’s Review 

Sylvie isn’t a book you just read and move on afterwards. It is a book that will leave you thinking long after the end. The story of Sylvie, Linc, Caroline, and Dean is not an easy or light-hearted one, but each character will touch your heart in a way that will stay with you for a long time.

“But love saved me. Love mended the pieces of my soul and brought me back to life. Love gave me hope.”

Sylvie. Beautiful, broken yet strong, Sylvie. She has been dealt a hand of cards that seems unfair to such a young person, but she is a person who just keeps going no matter what. After all, that is what amazing mothers do. They keep going despite their hardships. Sylvie loved a man who to some could be difficult to love and that to me says the most about her as a person.

“No need to thank me for something I was born to do.”

Linc is everything you want in a book boyfriend. Hard-working, a musician, and a deep love for a girl that knows no bounds and has no time limit on waiting to have her in his arms. He has always been there for Sylvie and Caroline no matter the tumultuous relationship he and Dean had.

Dean broke my heart. He is not an easy guy to love for most of the book, but he is an important part of Sylvie and Caroline. He needed love more than anyone besides Sylvie in the present. If someone listens to one part of my review, I BEG you to not make a final judgement on him until the very end.

This book had me crying more than I would like to admit. The wounds of everyone are deep and are written so well you will feel their pain to your bones. This book is for anyone who has loved someone difficult to love and for anyone who has loved someone from far away a long time before getting their chance.

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