Tempt the Playboy by Natasha Madison – Jenn’s Review


Tempt the Boss was a downright hysterical story. I needed to stay in that world.



a wealthy man who spends his time enjoying himself, especially one who behaves irresponsibly or is sexually promiscuous.
Synonyms: socialite, pleasure seeker.

I have it all, money, looks, and any woman I want.
Till I meet her and my universe is knocked on its ass and she wants nothing to do with me.

My motto: never date the same man twice. I have less chance of breaking my heart that way.
Till my eyes land on the only man I’ll break my rule for.

She thinks she can run. That I’ll let her get away.

He thinks he can handle a woman like me.
He has no idea.

A man who has it all needs one thing and one thing only. A temptress.

Watch me Tempt the Playboy.


What a seriously fun read!!

Tempt the Playboy follows Tempt the Boss, the first Natasha Madison book I’ve read of hers and LOVED! I would recommend reading Boss first. While Playboy can be enjoyed as a standalone, three-quarters of the book follows along the same time line as Boss, and I think you might find yourself a little lost. This time around, we see it from Nate and Kaleigh’s POV, and the secret they are carrying.

Madison nails romantic comedy. I was laughing so hard, I had to stop and put the book down. She finds new ways to make me laugh out loud while reading. In my opinion, there is little better than a book that keeps me giggling. Madison made that happen throughout the entire story.

Kaleigh was a pretty fabulous character. She had a policy you usually find in our male heroes. She won’t sleep with the same man twice. It was nice to see the tables turned and have the man, in this case, Nate, do the chasing. Their game of cat and mouse was a lot of fun to follow.

If I can give you one piece of advice going into this book, read it with a cold drink, and perhaps a fan close by. Holy heck! Tempt the Playboy has some HOT moments. Nate and Kaleigh are explosive between the sheets. Damn.

Tempt the Playboy is a book you have to check out! If you want to lose yourself in a sexy good time, this is the one for you.

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