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I love a good romance involving a boss and their employee and I was given an ARC.




Sometimes you have to break the rules…

When Camilla Anderson loses her job just as a position at Talbot Inc. opens up, there’s no way she’s questioning the lucky break. Working for the quirky, reclusive CEO will pay off her student loans within a year, and they’re flying to Europe in his private jet.

Mason Talbot isn’t good at talking to women. Well, to anyone, really. But when his new lawyer boards his plane, biology kicks in. But he can’t tell if her adverse reaction is to him or his painfully awkward attempts at flirting.

As the flight gets bumpier, Mr. High IQ gets calmer. And…he holds her hand? Maybe the guy is redeemable after all. As soon as they land, she’ll have to teach her endearingly awkward new boss how to seduce a girl properly.

That is, if they don’t die in a fiery plane crash first.

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I’m a sucker for a good romance between a boss and his/her employee, which is exactly why I was excited to get an advanced copy of Angela Claire’s Tempting the New Boss. Mason Talbot isn’t your ordinary CEO: he’s got quirks, doesn’t really understand social cues, is literal and has no verbal filter. When Mason meets his new lawyer, Camilla Anderson, his world literally and figuratively turns upside down. She’s different; he can actually remember her name and he cares what she says. On the flipside, Camilla finds herself attracted to her strange new boss but doesn’t want to put her job in jeopardy because even though she hates being a lawyer, she has massive student loans. Camilla tries very hard to keep it professional but Mason is different and they find themselves constantly breaking the rules of professional decorum.

The relationship between Mason and Camilla is fast-paced, everything happens within the blink of an eye. I’m not entirely sure if that’s realistic but books are supposed to an escape right? A bit of fantasy? I like Mason because he is not your typical alpha CEO. He’s quirky and he doesn’t dress well. No designer suits for this guy! And I like how he changes, how Camilla changes him. I think that’s what is surprising about this story – the central male figure is the one to really make a change. Mason seems to bloom when he’s with Camilla. Likewise, Camilla’s relationship with Mason gives her the courage to go after what she wants out of life. Angela Claire really gives us two solid characters and shows her readers how meeting the right person, the one, can make you better.

I’m not a fan of the title because I feel like it’s misleading. Camilla doesn’t necessarily tempt Mason; but she is a temptation for him, something he can’t resist. I enjoyed the romance and the hot, steamy parts but deep down, there wasn’t much substance. And even though Mason and Camilla face one pretty intense situation, Tempting the New Boss is really just a quick, steamy fluff piece. If you’re looking for something to fill the space until your favorite author releases something new or you don’t want to go through another reread, then this might be a good read.

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