The Alpha’s Bargain by Ryan Michele ~ Amy’s Review


I have so much respect and love for Ryan Michele’s writing style and I love a good shifter book, so there was never a question about if I would read this book.



Dire straights.

Rock bottom.

Out of options.

It’s where we were. My pack and I.

A simple bargain.

A childhood crush.

Could it work? In a world of fated mates how would we possibly fake it for everyone?

Luca made it all sound so easy. My heart, body, and wolf were on board. I just needed to convince my head.

I couldn’t deny the alpha he was or the chemistry between us. Only time could tell if it would be for eternity.

A not so simple bargain changed it all.



I am a HUGE fan of all of Ryan Michele’s work.  I have been since I read the first few pages of Ravage Me.  Her writing style just calls to me, I devour her books and always, ALWAYS finish a book and immediately want more.  Unfortunately that reaction to her writing seems to have worked against me with this book.  

I love these characters, this storyline, and the all around dynamic of the book.  What I didn’t like is how short it was.  118 pages isn’t enough to contain all the greatness that is Ryan Michele’s writing.  The length of the book didn’t allow the story to mature and develop.  It had a solid base and drew me right in but, it all felt too rushed.  I didn’t feel like I knew or had a real connection to the character because there wasn’t enough time for that to happen.   I would have loved to see this story doubled in length and a more in depth look at the characters and situation.

I will continue to read all things Ryan Michele because she’s amazing and I hope to see some full length shifter novels from her in the future.

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