The Best of 2016…. So Far!

best of 2016 so far

We are halfway through 2016, and we have read some simply outstanding books so far. Find out what books we’ve got at the top of our list so far, making them contenders for the best of 2016.

Jenn’s Best So Far


Waiting for Sarina and Elle’s follow up to Jamie and Wes’s story was like waiting for Christmas Eve! The waiting was worth it. Wes and Jamie didn’t disappoint.



This ENTIRE SERIES is fantastic, but Q’s story took it to an entirely different level. Only one word comes to mind.. PERFECTION!



This book was completely unexpected and simply blew we away. When the couple doesn’t get together until the very end, you know you have a slow burn story ahead of you… and you are going to LOVE IT!


It’s Kristen Ashley!! Of course it’s awesome, but Bounty brought be back to the early days of the Colorado Mountain Series. Deke and Justice are one of her best couples.



It’s no secret I love Sarina Bowen, and I couldn’t wait for her new venture into a series that didn’t fall back on sports. I got everything I wanted from Bittersweet. I can’t wait to get back to Vermont!


This GORGEOUS NA book from Laura Ward came out of nowhere and blew me away. I was so moved by this story, I couldn’t walk away from it. I read it in one sitting, then found myself going back and rereading passages. 

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Jacque’s Best So Far

OK so if I can’t have any more CARNAGE books (and I can never get enough), then The Letters was the perfect book to end the Georgia/Sean/Cam saga .  It is not what you expect so if you are afraid to read it, don’t be.  You will learn so much more about the characters we all love!


This is one of the most “real” books I’ve read.  Get the perspective of three different characters.  You will fall in love with Seamus.  Seeing how much he loves and how great he with his kids was beautiful.  You want to fight for him.  You want him to find that so much more!


Listen – I am not a fan of the love triangle but Jessica Hawkins did this one right!  I just couldn’t put it down.  You find yourself rooting for one guy and a second later you’re rooting for the other (and sometimes wanting to smack Sadie for the decisions she makes).


This was something very different than anything I have read of JA Huss and I have to say it’s my favorite book of hers. The characters were so likable and very funny! When you find yourself hysterical laughing at 2:00 in the morning, you know it’s a good book!


I have never read (nor had any desire to read) a sci-fi romance story but this one was recommended to me by an author so I thought, “what the heck.”  There is so much humor in this and most of it comes in the way they “hear” each other since neither can understand each other!  It’s really a great love story and it definitely makes me want to read the others!

So I met Beth Flynn at the Sign N Sip signing in April and I was getting a signed copies of Nine Minutes and Out of Time.  I told her I hadn’t read Out of Time and she said, “do me a favor and reread Nine Minutes first.”  Well let me tell you, I am so glad I did.  I don’t know what I missed the first time but Nine Minutes is so good.  I am totally #TeamGrizz after reading Nine Minutes but Out of Time put that into question at times.  I’m totally #TeamGrizz.  I can’t wait to find out what happens in A Gift of Time.


Touched by Him is one of those books that I just happened to come across and OMG, I was blown away.  The chemistry between Aria and Aiden is off the charts starting in book 1.  There is lust, angst and deception in these books and of course the constant of Aria and Aiden feelings for each other.  You will immediately fall in love with them.  Touched by Him is book 3 of 6.

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Amy’s Best So Far

The feelings that this book drags out of you! It wrecks you completely before putting you back together. An absolutely beautiful story.



This book was completely different than anything I have ever read. It was both beautiful and brutal as it showed how far a woman would go for the ones she loves.





Gut-wrenchingly beautiful. It’s the story of love and how it endures over time, distance, and all of lives distractions. This book pulled so many feelings out of me.


I feel like I’ve been waiting a lifetime for Deke’s story and when I finally got it, it was all I had hoped for and more! KA gaves us so much with Deke and his Gypsy Princess along with the other residents of Carnal. I just loved every word!


Fate is an amazing character who I’ve loved since book one of the series. Her story, why she is who she is, was better than I had imagined. It was wonderful to read a book with such a strong female.


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Katie’s Best So Far



Rachel has a crazy good talent. I went from bawling to laughing in the span of a few sentences.



The over the top drama sucked me in from the first page, and the cliffy has me waiting impatiently for the next book!



Who wouldn’t love a bit more of Sexy Sawyer?! The struggles were realistic, and I loved getting more from the kids in the series!




What a thrill ride this was! The twists and turns keep coming!




It’s a KA, isn’t enough said? The Queen has never not made my top list with her gift of writing badass heroes and their strong heroines!


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Cassie’s Best So Far



This was one of my first reads of year. I love my military men in this whole series. I had missed Josh Walker something fierce!


I am so happy to have their story wrapped up. It was the greatest patient comeback in the history of comebacks.



I still don’t really know what is happening with this trilogy and that is why I love it. #TeamDestructive



Most of my reader friends know I lose it over Sexy Sawyer! Loved getting a glimpse of him and his cupcake years later and makes me excited for the kids’ books!



Garret Graham made me love hockey books. There is no more I can say besides MINE!



This is my most recent favorite read. Kandi absolutely WOWed me with her matured writing this go around.



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  1. I’ve fell in love with a lot of books this year! A few at the top of my list are Before We Were Strangers by Renee Carlino, In This Life by Christine Brae, Dark Notes by Pam Godwin, and Slip of the Tongue by Jessica Hawkins….and I could go on & on LOL!! Thanks for sharing your favorites…I have added a lot more books to my TBR!!!

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