The BookWorm Box – Review


We were lucky enough to receive an April Bookworm Box to review! What was inside? What did we get? How can you get one? Details below! 


A note from Colleen Hoover

Author swag from:

CM Foss

Jennifer McMahon

Skye Warren

B. Brumley

A signed copy of Honesty by Seth King

A signed copy of Midnight Lily by Mia Sheridan

Bookworm Box bumper sticker

Bookworm Box pen

Bookworm Box USB car charger


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I was so excited when the email from Colleen Hoover arrived in my inbox, telling me that I had been one of the bloggers selected to receive a Bookworm Box to review! A few weeks ago, I saw a post on Instagram announcing that the Bookworm Box was going to give out 25 boxes to bloggers to review. Exciting! I immediately sent an email, hoping to get one, because I know how popular these boxes are and when it comes to subscription boxes, I’ve always been curious about book boxes. I love getting a box of different goodies every month but are book subscription boxes worth the price? I wanted to find out!

I was beyond excited when that purple box showed up at my front door! It was like Christmas morning – I couldn’t wait to tear it open! I even messaged the rest of the girls: “I think my Bookworm Box came!!!” I eagerly took it to my favorite place to read – my bedroom – and opened it up. I swear, I could hear the book gods singing as I lifted the lid! A note from Colleen Hoover sat on top, telling me all about my box and the charities that have been supported by the subscribers. Then, I lifted the purple tissue paper to reveal the goodies inside. Book marks. A magnet. A bumper sticker that will go on the crate I use for signings. A pen!! A cool USB charger for my car (or for my toddler to play with). A pin that appropriately says, “Shh…I’m reading!” And two gorgeous books! Honesty by Seth King and Midnight Lily by Mia Sheridan. I am so excited about receiving Midnight Lily because I know how much Jenn and Jacque loved it! It was kind of like a mini-signing in a purple box. These are exactly the things you would pick up if you attend a book signing, which is great if you haven’t been able to attend a signing or if you really want to add to your collection of signed lovelies, regardless of author.

So, what’s this cost? What are the details? How do you get one? The box is $39.99 + shipping. Shipping on my box was $11.65. I know that seems pretty steep but you have to consider the fact that Bookworm Box is a charitable organization. All of the items in your box are donated by authors and all of the proceeds from the box go to various charities. So, really, it’s a tax write-off! Just keep track of how much you spend each month and write it off at the end of the year! If you want to start receiving a box, you have to be quick! Open spots fill up fast! Head to the Bookworm Box website HERE  and you can find all of the information on when you can sign up for a box. In the end, is it worth it? Depends on your budget. For me, yes. Not only does the Bookworm Box support various charities throughout the year, but it’s also supporting authors. I have never read any books by Mia Sheridan or Seth King but because I received their books, I can’t wait to check them out! (E-book versions will be purchased because everyone knows you don’t read your signed copy!) Think of all of the readers that are being introduced to new authors all of the time because of the Bookworm Box. It’s a win-win for readers and authors. If it’s not in your budget, then you can still support Bookworm Box by purchasing some of the amazing swag they have for sale on their site.

Thank You Colleen Hoover and the many volunteers who put these boxes together! Can’t wait to get another one!

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