The Coppersmith Farmhouse by Devney Perry – Jenn’s Review


This book was getting really good feedback, and the blurb had me interested in finding out more.



One old farmhouse brought them together. It could also tear them apart.

Gigi has just uprooted her whole world to start a new life. The unexpected gift of a farmhouse in small-town Montana is just what she and her daughter need to escape big-city loneliness. The last thing she needs is attitude from the town’s sheriff, the most perfectly attractive and ruggedly handsome man she’s ever laid eyes on—and a complete jerk.

Jess knows all about women like Gigi. Beautiful. Sexy. Scheming. She’s stolen his sanctuary, the farmhouse that should have been his. But along with a face full of freckles, she’s got a sharp wit and a backbone of steel—something he doesn’t discover until after making a complete fool of himself. If he can earn back her trust and win her heart, he might just find the home he’s always needed.


I had absolutely no idea what to expect going in to this book. I’m always leery when trying out a new-to-me author, and as it turns out, this is Perry’s debut novel. Well, what a debut it turned out to be. I don’t like to compare authors, but if you were looking to find out the style of story, it is reminiscent of Kristen Ashley. You have your strong, take-no-crap female, your alpha male sheriff, a gorgeous location, and a cast of side characters that become just as integral to the story as the hero and heroine.

Georgia moves to Montana with her daughter Rowen, to live in a farmhouse she inherited. While Gigi loves the town and the friends she’s made in it, she’s not crazy about Prescott’s sheriff, regardless of how hot he is. Gigi, as she goes by, and Jess are like oil and water when they first meet. He refuses to like the girl who is living in “his” house, and she can’t get over his a-hole ways. I was practically rubbing my hands together in glee, waiting to watch this play out.

Perry did not disappoint. Gigi put up a good fight, but Jess’s seriously hot, seriously alpha, refuse to take no for an answer ways were just too much for Gigi to ward off. Gigi’s self-confidence had taken a hit in the past, so it was difficult for her to accept Jess’s feelings for her. It was not easy to watch her struggle with it. There were times I just wanted to shake her and show her what was right in front of her face. Jess, thankfully, knew exactly what he wanted, and he was going after it.  He was all man, but there was a lot of sweet under there as well.

“I don’t think dinner is such a good idea,” I said from the top of the step…
“You’re going….even if it means I have to pick you up and carry you to the truck.”
“You wouldn’t dare,” I hissed.
“Try me.”
My hands fisted on my hips. “I’m not going.”
“Georgia, give me a chance to show you that I’m not the a**hole I’ve been this week. Please?”

See! Total alpha, but total sweetheart. Jess manages to balance both sides with ease. I really enjoyed his character, as well as Gigi’s. She was a single mom, doing it all on her own, and not really looking to be taken care of. I loved how easy they fell into a relationship, but worked hard to maintain it. It wasn’t an overnight love story, but it wasn’t a slow burn either. It was just right.

The town of Prescott, Montana is an intriguing place. This book was not just a love story, but one full of suspense and mystery as well! I loved all the secondary characters, and would be thrilled to get stories for all of them. The book wasn’t perfect. There were some content errors, but to be honest, I was so taken by the writing, and the story, I overlooked them my first time through the book. That being said, I would HIGHLY recommend this book to fans of small town, big personality love stories! I’ll definitely be revisiting this one.

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