The Death of Lila Jane by Teresa Mummert – AMY’S REVIEW

the death of lila jane review


Why I read it

I have always been a fan of Teresa Mummert’s books, they tend to be a little bit dark and her characters are so relatable.  They are real people you could meet on the street.  I also adore her writing style and find myself easily getting lost in her books.

What I rated it

What it’s about

Lila Jane is spending her summer vacation preparing for high school. She does everything asked of her, but her parents rarely give her credit for her efforts. She decides to sneak out with a friend to attend a local party and shed her little girl image, to become a woman once and for all. What starts out as a fun escape soon escalates into a life on the run with a boy she barely knows.

Amy’s Review

The first thing that grabbed my attention was the gorgeous cover.  At first glance the girl looks beautiful and perfect but, the more I looked at it the more I saw little imperfections here and there that made me like it even more.  The blurb didn’t do a whole lot for me, it made me curious but, wasn’t the reason I read this book.

The Death of Lila Jane really depicts how what you see on the outside isn’t necessarily what you’re going to get.  So many of the characters in this book project an image of themselves to the world around them in an attempt to hide who they truly are and feel inside.  Watching each of these characters find the strength within themselves and then grow into the people they want to be instead of who their life experiences are trying to force them into being was beautiful.

Theresa wrote this book so well, I felt as if I was experiencing everything along side the characters.  I was in a dumpy old diner, standing on Bourbon street surrounded by people, and locked away in a hotel room with a boy I had a crush on.  Every setting she described, every feeling her characters had, even everything they were wearing was written so well I find myself going back through the book and just savoring the words.

Kayden and Lila’s stories are both filled with sadness, regret, fear, and a feeling of being inadequate.  But when they are together all of those things seem to melt away and they both get to experience joy, wonder, and peace for the first time.

 I highly recommend this book!

“I may have survived, but this sure as hell ain’t livin’.”

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