The Fighter by Harper Bentley-Amy’s Review

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I have been a fan of Harper Bentley’s writing style since reading Gable and happily read anything she’s releasing.




When I find out the hard-bodied, tattooed god from the gym lives down the hall from me you’d think I’d be thrilled, right?

Um, how about not.

Heath Noble, construction project manager, MMA fighter and resident hottie, seemed charming at first. But after introducing myself, it was all goodbye Mr. Nice Guy, hello Sir Jerkface.

I don’t know what his problem is but guys who look like him are usually jackholes anyway, so I’m out.

Except he won’t let me be out.

Now I’m sure he’s hitting on me and I’m as confused as ever.

But I know people and I’m not fooled.

I’ve got to find out what his game is before the line between my suspicion and my attraction to him becomes blurred and I do something stupid like fall for him.

Because I’ve done stupid before and I’ve only ended up getting hurt.


The minute I find out who Laney Kyle is I want her to pay for what the Kyles have put my family through.

I’m only here to get my brother out from under the Kyle’s hold by fighting in an underground ring run by her family. And if I can take all the Kyles down while I’m at it, well, so much the better.

But I have to be smooth. And believe me, I’m all about being smooth.

Or so I thought.

She’s got me so tangled up I’m not sure what I’m doing anymore.

And by the time I realize she’s an innocent bystander, I know I’ve lost her.

Now I’m going to get her back.

But she’s not giving me the chance.

Two people plus one apartment building equals one big messy situation.

And love, as usual, will just make everything messier.

Welcome to the High Rise where tenants get a new lease on love…

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This book was a strong three stars for me. There were things about it that were wonderful and things I thought got overlooked. It easily drew me in with just the blurb and that hot cover. Once I started the book I was hooked. The characters were well written and relatable. The storyline was interesting and though not entirely original there were aspects of the story that helped it stand out from similar books.

Laney is strong, sassy, opinionated, and seems to attract men who aren’t worthy of her. Until she catches the eye of Heath who just moved in down the hall. But he runs so hot and cold it’s hard to tell what he’s thinking most of the time. Heath isn’t looking for a relationship but something about Laney grabs his attention and won’t let go. She may just be another complication in his life or she may be the answer to all his problems.

If you like books where the guy is kind of a jerk and the girl doesn’t instantly swoon you’ll like this book. Both characters have big personalities that both clash with and compliment each other. While the sex scenes are hot and fun I feel like they out weighed the actual storyline. I found myself needing more, their story was full of twist, turns, and deceit but, a lot of that went to the wayside once they gave into their need for each other. I would have liked to see this book delve into more of the dark and drama, see it played out more, and have it be about more than just their relationship.

All in all a strong book that I enjoyed from start to finish.

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