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I was intrigued by the premise and given an advanced copy




Jason Campbell and his team are on a mission—to find the jewelry thief that has hit every store in their town. They have zero leads. Their cagey burglar uses equipment and uncanny skills to prevent the detectives from gaining ground in the case that has dragged on far too long. Jasonʼs endless hours working on this case are taking a toll. He has no life outside of his job. His nights are spent alone in a cold bed with dreams of a faceless bandit haunting him. Yes, their suspect is a woman bent on toying with law enforcement.

Hannah Lakely is doing whatever it takes to survive. After escaping from the men who her parents owe money, she vows never to be put in a vulnerable position to be injured again. Those men favor breaking bones, specifically hers. Hannah does what is necessary for a woman with no high school diploma, no college education, no skill set, and in need of a large sum of money immediately to pay off her parentsʼ loan. A world of crime is an empty life with no one to count on except for her only friend, who is also her conspirator. Sheʼs alone in the world, always looking over her shoulder for the mob or law enforcement, afraid of the day that either catches up with her.

Jasonʼs life of non-committed relationships is one that leaves him lonely at times, but he accepts that drawback after watching two of his LEO brothers go through hell in their marriages. Why does he need that hassle? Itʼs difficult enough to find a good woman, let alone one who can tolerate being in a relationship with a detective. A law enforcement career can test even the best of couples. But Jasonʼs world is turned upside down when he literally runs into a red-haired spitfire. Her fiery attitude amuses him. Smitten with the entrancing woman, he decides to pursue.

Hannah canʼt believe that sheʼs attracted the attention of law enforcement in a different manner than she ever expected. She knows she shouldnʼt entertain the officerʼs blatant attraction, but Jason wonʼt take no for an answer. When she relents, deciding to cave to the determined detective, she certainly never expects to connect to him on a physical and emotional level.

Jasonʼs personal life is settling into place. Hannahʼs world is crumbling around her as she finds herself falling for a man who could put her in jail for a very long time, if he finds out her secret. Jason admits he may be more than just entranced with this gorgeous woman. Hannahʼs desperate and attempts to walk away from the life sheʼs led, until the mob catches up to her. Again.

What happens when Hannah tries to rid herself of the men who threaten her life by heisting the most secure jewelry store sheʼs ever attempted? What happens to the couple if Jason and his unit figure out who their thief really is? What happens when Jason questions everything he thought he knew, including his career? And what happens when Hannahʼs life is put in danger because of decisions made by Jason and his team?

*This is not a cliffhanger series. Each novel in the series can be read as a standalone.

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The Heist by Casey Clipper is the first book in The Men of Law series and tells the intriguing story of Hannah, a jewel thief, who falls in love with Jason, the detective trying to stop her crime spree. When I read the premise of this story, I was quite interested. How would this play out? How would they meet? Would Jason even know that Hannah was the jewel thief who had been eluding him? All of these questions instantly sprang to mind just from reading the blurb.

The story itself has some flaws, hence the 3.5 star rating. I felt like from the time Hannah and Jason meet to the time they speak those three little words is rushed. The “I love you” moment felt forced, like Casey Clipper was trying to hurry-up and move the story along. After that, the whole story kind of spirals at a fast pace that seems rushed to finish and resolve itself. I think the relationship between Hannah and Jason needed a little more time to truly develop.

On the plus side, I really liked the character of Hannah. She’s kind of forced into her role as a thief by a set of good-for-nothing parents and Jason is her way out, her ticket to a normal, happy life. I connected with her desire to have a loving relationship with Jason because that’s what we all crave: the love of a man who will do anything to protect us. And while Hannah is looking for normal and stable, Jason is looking for someone to finally love. Jason seems like he’s been wandering through life with the sole purpose of being a good law enforcement officer. He hasn’t found anyone worthy of his time or his love, until he meets Hannah. I like that Jason is willing to fight for Hannah and sacrifice for her, even when faced with the ugly truth of her identity.

The epilogue of this story gives the readers a sneak peek into perhaps the next Men of Law book and that’s exciting to me. The cast of supporting characters in this book is great and even though I felt the romance was rushed, I’m still interested in reading more of this series.

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