The Knight by B.B. Reid – Katie’s Review

Why I read it

It’s B.B. Reid, duh!

What I rated it

What it’s about

Little Mian Ross and the big, bad Knight didn’t find their fairytale ending. Together they found war.

The Parties:
Angeles Knight
Mian Ross

The Order:
Angeles Knight orders the liberation of Mian Ross.
He’ll tear down their enemies, forsake his throne, and give his life to keep her safe.
All Mian must do is forgive his betrayal and put her heart on the line.

The Debt:
His legacy.

The Bandit:
The Sixth Knight

The Knight is the second and final novel in the Stolen Duet.

Katie’s Review

Wow! The Knight was an emotional thrill ride that kept running at full speed all the way to the end!

From the last word of the super crazy cliffy I read in The Bandit, I have been waiting impatiently for The Knight. Bebe is one of the few authors I can trust to always deliver a greatly woven, intricate multi-faceted story with seriously complex characters. Bebe is also the master of making you feel conflicting emotions, all at the same time, and this rang true throughout the entire book.

Let’s talk about Mian. Mian is a strong, independent, stubborn and yet vulnerable woman. Throughout the book, there were many times I admired this about her, but then three pages later, I’d want to knock some sense into her!

Then there is Angel, aka, The Knight. (WARNING! The Bandit spoilers ahead!) Yeah, he kidnapped Mian. Yeah, he held her baby hostage from her. Yeah, he manipulated his way into Mian’s bed… but can you really hate him? I found myself cheering for Angel more times than not during The Knight. I mean, come on, Mian. You stabbed him! Isn’t it even now? Can’t you just forgive him and let bygones be bygones?

That being said, I really loved the interactions between Angel and Mian in the book. I felt they were raw, realistic, and true to their ages, maturities and the situations, even if I didn’t agree with them.

Angel was such the alpha-male in control in The Bandit, that I was a bit surprised to see him be able to step back, ignore his alpha-instincts, and give Mian what he thought she needed, that being time and space. Although I missed seeing the uber-alpha moves, I enjoyed the path that he took, and that made the ending that much sweeter.

There were some super intense action scenes, and some that absolutely broke my heart! All I wanted to do was message Bebe about how pissed I was at her for writing what she did. (Obviously, she made it all better in the end, but still!) Just be prepared with your wine, chocolate, cookie dough and tissues, as this one will definitely require all of the above!

And can we talk about the sexy times please?! Mian and Angel are scorching up the sheets in this one! More than once I had to pause reading, look around to ensure I wasn’t being watched, and fan my face!

Overall, I really really liked this book, and cannot wait to find out what Bebe has in store for us next! (Those who have finished the book know what I’m referring to, but I don’t want to post a spoiler here!)

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