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I’m a fan of the Emmy’s work and have been looking forward to this book.


4 stars


In the ring, I’m trained, powerful, and in control.

And that’s exactly how I built my legacy.

For years I’ve trained to fight, but no championship title in the world has prepared me for the most important fight of my life.

Out of the ring, I’m untamed and reckless.

Which is why my wife of nine years has filed for divorce.

I’m done with living up to the bad boy image my middleweight titles come with. Boxing is my life, but the money and the fame mean nothing to me without her by my side.

This fight is for the woman that I love.

And I can’t lose.

I won’t lose.


THE LAST ROUND is the second chance love story of Natalia and Julian Rios.  When we meet the main characters, they have been married for 9 years.  He is a professional boxer who just got out of rehab and Natalia is an aspiring actress who just got her big break.

The two met in high school and since then Natalia has always been there for Julian, through the death of his mother and his career.  But the lifestyle he is leading and rumors that surround him have made Natalia doubt Julian and their marriage and when she files for divorce, Julian is blindsided.  But he knows that she is the only one for him and he makes out to prove it to her.

The readers will see that Natalia and Julian are good for each other from day one but like most married couples, they have to face the obstacles of married life.  Only their situation is intensified because their relationship is on display for the world to see that puts more pressure, doubt and guilt on both of them.  They will need to work through their issues and figure out if their relationship is worth the fight.

THE LAST ROUND was a very quick and easy read for me (not realizing it was a novella).  It had a good storyline and I really liked Natalia and Julian.  I found it unique that the author incorporated one of her former books in this story.  The writing in this book was very good.  I did feel  the difficulties they went through and how they handled them were true to form.  Since I really liked the characters, I wish there was more details to their love story.   There were flashbacks throughout and I was hoping to get more of them so I could know more about the beginning of their story.  I definitely recommend it.

“I loved you then.  I love you now.  I’ll love you always.”

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