The Lucky Heart by Devney Perry – Excerpt

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Devney Perry writes sweet stories with a touch of suspense, set in Montana. This is a great series to get lost in. Keep reading for an excerpt, and get to reading this series if you haven’t already.

“I’m sorry for wrecking your night,” I said.

“You didn’t wreck my night.”

“Sure I did. Andrea was hanging all over you tonight. You totally could have scored.”

He made a sour face. “I don’t want Andrea.”

“Oh, is there somebody else?”

He blew out a long breath before muttering, “Yeah. There’s somebody else.”

“What? Who?” I was shocked.

Silas had always been one for the casual flings and I’d never seen him seriously interested in a girl. If he was actually crushing on someone, that was a major development. Maybe if I knew who this girl was, the unexpected twinge of jealousy stuck in my side would go away.

“Not telling.”

“What? You can’t do that to me. Tell me. Tell me right now.” I started shaking his shoulder.

He laughed and pushed me away. “Knock it off and maybe one day I’ll tell you.”

“Don’t make me wait. Please tell me.”

He shook his head. “Nope.”

“You really won’t tell me who this mystery girl is? Even if I crossed my heart, my fingers, my toes and my eyes, swearing not to tell a soul for the rest of my life?”

He laughed as I tried to cross everything. “You’re going to hurt yourself. No, I won’t tell you. That secret’s mine for now, Felicity.” That was his final answer.

“Okay, fine.” I pouted but knew I’d pester it out of him eventually. We went back to watching the river until a random thought popped in my head. “You know, I’ve always wondered. Why don’t you call me ‘Lissy’ like everyone else?”

“You don’t like that nickname.”

My eyes widened and my chin fell. “What? You noticed that?”

“It’s hard not to notice you.” His eyes were pointed at the river and I couldn’t quite read him.

“Oh.” I studied his profile for a moment before looking to my lap. There was something behind his tone but I wasn’t sure what to call it. I’d never heard Silas talk like that before, all gentle and soft.

We sat quietly again and I started yawning. “I’m tired.” The clock on the dash read 2:41 a.m. “Can I lay down for a while?”

“Sure.” He reached into the back and pulled out a flannel blanket. “Here you go.”

I stretched out as best I could in the cramped space and ended up with my head on his thigh. “Is this okay?” I asked, looking up into his eyes. Silas’s eyes were always so warm and smooth. Like chocolate frosting on freshly baked cake.

“Yeah. It’s okay.”

“Will you talk to me about something?”

“About what?”

I didn’t care. Anything. His voice was so pretty, all manly and deep, I’d be happy to listen as he read the phonebook. “How about the ranch?”

“The Lucky Heart?”

“Yeah. Tell me what you love about it.” I snuggled further into his space and closed my eyes as he told me ideas he had for his family’s ranch. He spoke quietly but with passion, his soothing voice echoing in the truck, easing all my worries away. Just as I was drifting off to sleep, the brush of his fingertips lifted a chunk of fallen hair from my forehead.

“Get some sleep, Lis,” he said.

I smiled.

“Lissy” I didn’t like.

“Lis” I did.

I drifted off to sleep, thinking that Silas Grant just might know me better than anyone else.

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