The Officer’s Promise by K. Langston – Katie’s Review

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Why I read it

I love a man in uniform!

What I rated it

5 stars

What it’s about




prom-ise: assure someone that one will definitely do, give, or arrange something; undertake or declare that something will happen.

NYPD Officer Ryker Cunningham comes from a family of men committed to upholding every letter of the law. But when he crosses paths with MaryAnn Glover, a troubled woman who not only tempts his heart but also his self-control, his need to protect her overrides everything he’s ever believed in. With a promise to keep her safe at any cost, Ryker shows MaryAnn what it means to live without fear…and love without regret.

leaf dividerKatie’s Review

This was just an introductory novella into a new series, but K has really sucked me in! From the first page, K has managed to present a mind-boggling, intense, sweet preview into the lives of six brothers. I was skeptical at first of how she would be able to setup not one, not two, but FIVE follow up novels, all the while telling the story of Ryker and MaryAnn, but I never should’ve doubted her!

Page one had me hooked on the story, with Ryker and MaryAnn seeing each other for the first time. I felt like I was right there, feeling all the emotions Ryker felt right alongside him.

The story of MaryAnn and Ryker doesn’t begin there, though. Their story is one filled with devastating loss, love, innocence and second chances. They have many hurdles to jump over to try to seek out their happy ending. Can their love conquer all the demons of their pasts, or will it be too much for one relationship to bear?

Ryker is a dirty talking, tender hearted, fiercely loyal alpha male that I wouldn’t mind seeing more of in the future. And that one scene with the wall? Yeah… that’s all I can say about that, except that the man can get creative!

There were some brief “cameos” of characters from other series, and I was very excited to see them in this book! This cameo led to all types of theories on how this would play out later in the series, but I am just going to have sit here and impatiently wait for the next one in the series!

Overall, I loved the entire book, devoured it in almost one sitting, and hope the next books come soon, because this fangirl is getting impatient!


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