The Sergeant’s Protection by K. Langston – Katie’s Review

Why I read it

K is a master writer, and I LOVE the Brothers in Blue!

What I rated it

What it’s about




protection: a person or thing that prevents someone or something from suffering harm or injury

Sergeant Justin Cunningham just completed one of the most dangerous missions of his life, facing off with a notorious drug cartel. Blood was shed and sacrifices were made, but the risk had been worth it because there he found Selena Del Marco, the drug lord’s daughter, who possessed an endearing innocence that could not be tainted.

Not even by the corruptive world she lived in.

Trapped beneath her father’s iron fist for most of her life, Selena often dreamed of escape but would never attempt it for fear of his deadly wrath. After all, watching how her mother died would forever haunt her.

However, her prayers were answered one fateful night and with it came freedom and protection.

Now she can finally start building a life of her own, and as the days pass she longs for Justin to be a part of it. But right when things begin looking up, a new danger lurks, exposing a secret that will turn her newfound life upside down.

Katie’s Review

I LOVED this book! I love when a book can surprise me, and this book kept surprising me, chapter after chapter. From page one, there were so many twists and turns, I couldn’t put the book down!

When you’re reading an interconnected standalone series, such as this one is, sometimes you start to develop pre-conceived notions about a characters personality and why they are the way the are. Since I was introduced to Justin in previous books, I thought I knew him. Sometimes, this can hurt your reading experience, but other times, this makes the experience even better. This book was the latter of the two! Justin is even better than I had imagined! His heart of gold and fierce loyalty shine through his tough boy exterior to make him a very complex and lovable character.

Selena was rescued in a previous Brother’s in Blue book. This book picks up right after that rescue, and Selena’s pure heart shine through from the first pages! While she should be healing herself and coming to grips with her fate, she is putting others first. As the story progresses, we learn so much more about Selena and her life thus far. Her strength of character were made apparent with all she has endured. Many others would have collapsed under the weight of her traumas, but she stays strong throughout! She is someone I strive to be like!

A few other characters are introduced in this book that are close to the family, and I LOVED hearing more about their lives! And some of their personalities had me laughing out loud at their crazy antics. I don’t want to say too much, as it could spoil someone else’s reading experience.

Justin and Selena’s chemistry and love was so profound, I felt it was something palpable in the room with me while I was reading. Both have overcome so much and strived so hard to become the person they are today, but it was awesome to see them catch fire and blaze together.

Some of the scenes were really hard for me to read, as I was so emotionally invested in the story, that I could feel the emotions and heartbreak as if it were my own. That is one of the best signs of a talented writer!

K. Langston has always been an incredibly talented and gifted writer, but I feel like with every book, she pushes her boundaries and grows as a writer, with The Sergeant’s Protection blowing all the previous out of the water! I cannot WAIT for Asher’s book to come out, you know I will be devouring that as soon as I can!

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