The Sins That Bind Us by Geneva Lee – BECKY’S REVIEW

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The Royals Saga is one of my very favorite series and I will read all of the words Geneva Lee writes


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I wasn’t given a choice. Not when I did my first line of cocaine. Not when I became a single mother. But I changed, and every decision I’ve made was to protect myself and my son from my weaknesses—and my past.

Until Jude came along and made me question everything, even my own secrets.

The sins I carry with me can never be discovered. Life handed me broken bits of people and left me to construct my own world, and it’s too fragile to take a chance on Jude Mercer.

We write our own stories.

We build our own prisons.

We weave our own lies.

We commit the sins that bind us.

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Holy moly. Oh my gosh. I don’t even know where to begin with this review because The Sins That Bind Us by Geneva Lee is just so….stunning and unexpected. First, I love and adore The Royals Saga; Smith and Belle are one of my favorite couples ever. However, this book is nothing like The Royals Saga…I don’t think anyone has that expectation after reading the blurb but just in case there was any doubt…

How do I write a review without giving too much away? This book deals with addiction and Geneva Lee mentions in a letter to her readers that it’s a very personal book. I truly felt that reading it. I could feel the love and emotion she poured into this book. I have no personal experience with addiction but I found other ways to connect. This book is about family; eventually, we get the opportunity to make our own families and we get to choose some of its members. This book is about the importance of family in our lives. This book is about forgiveness. Sometimes we have to forgive ourselves and sometimes we have to forgive others. This book is about love; loving yourself and letting others love you. This book is about identity, about having the courage to be yourself.

Other thoughts I had while reading this book:

  1. The name Jude has been used a lot in books that I’ve read recently. Hmmm. Wonder why?

2. Jude is the patron saint of lost causes…this makes sense

3. Jude is perfectly amazing.

4. Why do all of these chapters dealing with the past sound weird


6. Oh my god…….

7. Ohhhhhh myyyyyyy goddddddddd.

8. *sobbing*

9. *crrraaaaaaccccckkkkkkkk* That’s the sound of my heart breaking

10. *deep breath* Ok….it’s going to be ok…

I hope that doesn’t give too much away! I’m going to say it now – this is by far the best book of 2016. It will make many top ten lists at the end of the year. It is one of the best books that I have ever read. Read it.

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