The Vows We Make by Sonya Loveday-Cassie’s Review


Why I Read It

I absolutely love the Six Series and have been anxiously waiting for Mark and Paige’s story!

What I Rated It


What It’s About

Mark and Paige are living in sin—that’s what any man of the cloth would say. All they want is to get married, but they refuse to exchange vows without their best friends—the Six. As they wait to hear back from them, Mark and Paige can’t help but feel they’ve been put off… forgotten.

When the threat of an enemy stalking them is brought to light, the call is made to bring them into the secretive world of Cole Enterprise.

Slotted for recruitment by the very agency that stole their chance at a normal life, Mark and Paige have to adjust to their new path as secret agents in a war they didn’t even know existed.

What neither fully understands is that nothing will ever be the same… and some vows are deadlier than others.

Cassie’s Review

The Six are back! Not just in book form but they are together in one place. I wept with excitement despite the circumstances that pulled them all together. Seeing inside Mark and Paige’s heads was a nice take on the events that panned out. Paige seems to be what I pictured, but a bit more. However, I was lacking with Mark. Sure, we got his perspective, but I don’t feel like we learned much about him at all. We already know about them from previous books, but this book should have been just as much getting in their heads as it was about furthering the plot line. I would give five stars for the plot, but the lack of character development took it down a few notches.

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