Thrive by Aly Martinez – Jenn’s Review


Aly Martinez is a must read for me… always!



Technically, you aren’t supposed to fall in love with your best friend’s girl.

But if we’re talking technicalities, he wasn’t supposed to be cheating on her every other weekend, either.

The day I met Mira York, I knew she was off-limits. But after months of stealing side-glances while he ruined the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen, I realized there wasn’t a rule in the world I wouldn’t break to make her mine. 

She chose him anyway.

I wasn’t sure how I’d ever move on, but bitterness turned into fuel for my fire.

Without Mira, I thrived. 

Until seventeen years later, when she showed back up, begging for protection from the very same man she’d left me for all those years earlier.

Now, it was my turn to choose.

And she wasn’t going to like my answer.


Damn! Aly Martinez has a gift. She is one the single greatest romantic suspense writers we have right now. She can weave a story of full love, betrayal, hatred, danger, forgiveness, each of those emotions so well defined, you haven’t a clue which way the story will unfold. There isn’t an ounce formulaic writing from Martinez. She can have you feeling one way, and completely blow your mind in the next sentence.

“So fucking what she’d chosen him? She’d done that. She’d done it to me. She’d done it to us. And she’d done it to herself.”

Jeremy Lark and Mira York’s story is one that spans over seventeen years, two marriages, and an ridiculous amount of baggage. It’s a story about letting go of what might have been and settling for what’s right now. But what happens when what might been calls you after seventeen years, pleading for help? Do you let go of the past? Is that even possible?

To put it simply, Thrive was explosive. While it’s full of angst, it also has so many heartwarming moments. Add in outstanding characters, sizzling chemistry, and a little bit of humor to break up the drama, Thrive has it all. This is a book I’ll be thinking about for a long time.  

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