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4 stars


They say there’s a fine line between love and hate.

There is.

I fell in love with a monster.
He used me. He destroyed me. He made a fool out of me.
I didn’t know it at the start. You never do.
You think you have found the man of your dreams. You think nothing could break you apart.
How wrong you are.
I loved Marcus Tandem with everything that was me.
To him, I was just a business deal, a way to keep something he’d worked hard for.
He never had any intentions of returning my affections.
He never wanted me in his life.
But I wanted him in mine.
When you fall in love with the devil, you expect to get burned.
Marcus burned me. He consumed me. He devastated me.
Somewhere inside, I knew he was no good. I just prayed having me in his life might be enough.
I hold onto that small hope, that maybe, just maybe, somewhere deep down in his soul, he might love me too.

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Marcus Tandem must marry within 12 months or his grandfather’s business will be passed on to his grandfather’s best friend.  Marcus would never let that happen!  So he finds the perfect target in Katia.

To him, their marriage is a contract.  He knew she would fall in love with him.  And she did.  Now if he can only keep it in his head that it’s a business deal and emotions are not to get involved.  And she can’t ever find out about the stipulation in his grandfather’s will or what illegal business deals he is associated with.

Katia married him for love.  She was stuck in a job she hated but couldn’t leave because she has a sick mother who needs care.  To her, Marcus was her knight and shining armor, making everything better. She truly fell in love with him.  But does he love her?  He never tells her and she has had enough.

“F&@k you, you selfish son-of-a-bitch!” I scream, my hands shaking.  “I do everything for you.  I f&@king adore you and you don’t give a God damned f&@k about me.  You push me away.  You treat me like a sex toy.  You never f&@king ever tell me you love me…You either pull your head out of your f&@king ass or I’m leaving.  The decision is yours, because I’m done.”

And…Marcus is starting to have feelings towards Katia.  Feelings that are unfamiliar to him and he doesn’t know how to deal with them.

…I’m falling in love with my wife.  What the f&@k am I going to do?

Ever hear “waiting for the other shoes to drop?”  Well that’s what happens.  What will happen when Katia realizes the truth behind it all?

Marcus is your typical self-centered millionaire playboy who does not allow his emotions to show…everything is business to him.  He is ruthless and always gets his way.  By the end of the book, we start to see his feeling change towards Katia.  You will end up rooting for him to love her.

Katia is always taking care of other people and really wants to feel love.  When she meets Marcus and he actively pursues her, she is hooked.

‘Til Death is book one of a two part series.  It was a quick, easy read and I didn’t want to put it down.  I’m looking forward to Book Two and seeing Marcus’ feelings evolve.

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