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To Hate Adam Connor by Ella Maise

Published June 9, 2016



I have loved Lucy since she stumbled into Olive’s room and used her boobs as pillows in To Love Jason Thorn. I was so excited that she got her own book!! She is snarky, sassy, hilarious, and extremely loyal. Watching her interact with each of the characters in this book we got a different Lucy each time. There was so much more depth to her in this book, it isn’t all laughter and karaoke nights. We get a glimpse into her past, her childhood, and unveil who she really was behind her mask of humor.

Adam was the perfect mix of sweet gentleman and sexy alpha. He is a dilf 100%. When he speaks to his son or speaks of him I get a little hot and bothered. He is the perfect kind of celebrity, the one who does, what he does, without feeling entitled. A lot of that likely had to do with how he was raised. He has this ferocity about him that made me anticipate what his reaction would be to the spitfire that is Lucy.

One of the best parts of this book was Aiden. Not all authors can write kids. Some include them in a book and they are more like an afterthought than an actual character. But Ella did an amazing job of making this cute little boy a focal point of the story.

I enjoyed this book immensely. It started a little bit slowly but, then really took off. The back and forth between Lucy and well everyone was hysterical. This story had no downs it just kept getting better and better the further in I got. There were so many unexpected twists and “holy crap” moments in this one I feel like I need to read it again just to make sure I got everything.

A great follow up to another amazing book. I would highly recommend To Love Jason Thorn and To Hate Adam Connor.

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I’m an avid reader. Therefore, a big dreamer. I love nothing more than to escape real life to find those very few magical moments in a book. I love how it has the power of stealing your worries away, putting a smile on your face, and of course sometimes making you crush on fictional characters. If I can manage to do even one of those things for a reader, I will be a happy writer.

I can’t even begin to describe how exciting it is to give life to new characters and fall for them. It’s a different kind of addiction I’m determined to keep alive.

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