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Jason Thorn… My brother’s childhood friend.
Oh, how stupidly in love with that boy I was. He was the first boy that made me blush, my first official crush. Sounds beautiful so far, right? That excitement that bubbles up inside you, those famous butterflies you feel for the very first time—he was the reason for them all. But, you only get to live in that fairytale world until they crush your hopes and dreams and then stomp on your heart for good measure. And boy did he crush my little heart into pieces.
After the stomping part he became the boy I did my best to stay away from—and let me tell you, it was pretty hard to do when he slept in the room right across from mine.
When tragedy struck his family and they moved away, I was ready to forget he ever existed.
Now he is a movie star, the one who makes women of all ages go into a screaming frenzy, the one who makes everyone swoon with that dimpled smile of his. Do you think that’s dreamy? I certainly don’t think so. How about me coming face to face with him? Nope still not dreamy. Not when I can’t even manage to look him in the eye.
Me? I’m Olive, a new writer. Actually, I’m THE writer of the book that inspired the movie he is about to star in on the big screen. As of late, I am also referred to as the oh-so-very-lucky girl who is about to become the wife of Jason Thorn.
Maybe you’re thinking yet again that this is all so dreamy? Nope, nothing dreamy going on here. Not even close.
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I read this book because I wanted to try an author I hadn’t read before and the blurb to this one really drew me in.

5 stars!!

I loved everything about this book.  The storyline was unique, fun, playful, and so sweet.  I have a soft spot for friends to lovers stories and this one was one of the best I’ve read.  Olive and Jason grew up together then life pulled them a part only to reunite them years later.

Olive was a sweet, beautiful, and loveable character. She was a great friend, loyal, hard working, strong, and stood up for the people she loves.  There is just something about her that draws you in and makes her feel like she’s your best friend.

What I liked about Jason the most is how honest he was.  So many books have on of the leading characters lying either straight out or by omission. There is none of that in this book. He is straight forward, funny, friendly, and so sexy!

One of my favorite things about this book was Lucy.  That girl is fierce, loyal, and so funny.  She added a lot of humor and sass to the storyline.  I would love it if we got more from her in the future.

To Love Jason Thorn is a must read!!!!

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