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to professor with love


Love student teacher books and this one has been getting great reviews!


5 stars


Junior in college. Star athlete. Constant attention from the opposite sex.

On this campus, I’m worshiped. While seven hundred miles away, back in my hometown, I’m still trailer park trash, child of the town tramp, and older sibling to three kids who are counting on me to keep my shit together so I can take them away from the same crappy life I grew up in.

These two opposing sides of myself never mix until one person gets a glimpse of the true me. I never expected to connect with anyone like this or want more beyond one night. This may be the real deal.

Problem is Dr. Kavanagh’s my literature professor.

If I start anything with a teacher and we’re caught together, I might as well kiss my entire future goodbye, as well as my family’s and especially Dr. Kavanagh’s. Except sometimes love is worth risking everything. Or at least, it damn well better be, because I can only resist so much.

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This book what exactly what I needed. I had been in a bit of a book slump and could not find something that made me want to stay wake until dawn reading. This was that book for me. I previously read Price of a Kiss by Linda Kage and LOVED it. I was excited to see that she had written a new novel, and that the books were forming a series of interconnected standalones, which is my favorite type of story to read.

To Professor, With Love, is one of those “forbidden” love stories about a teacher and student, but with a twist; The professor is female. Dr. Aspen Kavanagh has had to do everything on her own for her entire life. Born to academic parents in their 40’s who pushed their daughter to succeed in her education, Aspen graduated from high school at 15 and achieved her doctorate in English by 22. Even with this astonishing achievement, her parents still never showed her any love or affection.

Noel Gamble has escaped his horrific home life and fled twelve hours away to Ellamore University. While being the school’s star quarterback and ladies’ man, Noel is trying to build a better life for his brothers and sister that he left back home. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), he isn’t so great at Literature, causing animosity with his professor, Dr. Kavanagh.

At first, there is no love lost between Noel and Aspen. What started out as a mutual dislike for each other, grew into mutual respect, and eventually into love. One of the beautiful aspects of this story is the time it took for Noel and Aspen to build their relationship. It wasn’t instant love. They bond over their ghastly childhoods. They worked at their relationship. It had to be secret and hidden and the constant stress of getting caught and the ramifications weighed heavily on both of them. When it all comes to a head, you feel the pain and strife both Noel and Aspen are feeling; wanting so desperately to spend their lives together, knowing it is almost impossible to make it happen.

A highlight of this book was the secondary characters. I really enjoyed their love for each other and their banter. We get to catch back up with Mason and Reese from Price of a Kiss, but also meet Noel’s teammates and friends, Tenning, Hamilton and Pick. I like how the next books are going to focus on the characters we’ve already met.

This was a fun, heartwarming read with one of the most fulfilling epilogues I have read. You don’t have to read Price of a Kiss to enjoy To Professor, With Love, but I would suggest it, simply because it is awesome!!!

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