Torn by Carian Cole – **Jacque’s Review**

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Why I read it

I’m a big a fan of Carian Cole and I could not wait for Torn to come out!

What I rated it

off the charts

What it’s about

He’s loved me since the day I was born.
He’s taken care of me.
He’s awakened me.

Tor. My father’s best friend.
Fifteen years older than me, he’s always been my protector. The one I should never, ever want.
But I was born to be his.

She’s always loved me.
She’s shattered me.
She’s healed me.
Kenzi. My best friend’s daughter.
I held her the day she was born, and I never let go.
She’s forbidden to me. But she’s the only one that really gets me.
We’re slowly being torn apart by everything we love.
Everything we want.
Everything we desire.

And now I want the one thing I can’t have… I want her.

leaf dividerJacque’s Review

TORN has now become my favorite book by Carian Cole and I was already a huge fan of her work.

It must be difficult for an author to know how much your readers are looking forward to a book and hope you can give them something they will be happy with. I have to admit I was one of those readers that was secretly wondering how Carian Cole was going to meet my expectations. But she did…she NAILED IT!

Tor has been the one person that has been there for Kenzi throughout her ENTIRE life. We see the connection that has always been there between the two. The way Carian handled their feelings growing from platonic to passionate was very well done. Although they fight their attraction, know it will be met with resistance; there is no denying them. Their love for one another is portrayed as a natural progression. They definitely belong together!

Ever since Tor and Kenzi were mentioned in previous Ashes & Embers books, I was hoping Carian would give us their story. And when I found out she was, there was a spot immediately reserved at the top of my TBR!!! It was definitely one on my most anticipated for 2016. And the cover is simply beautiful! So much is said in that cover.

Grab this book now!  You will love it!

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