Twisted Palace by Erin Watt – Katie’s Review

twisted-palace-review-photoWhy I read it

I’ve been following The Royal Saga from day one, and couldn’t wait to get my hand on this one!

What I rated it

4.5starsWhat it’s about

These Royals will ruin you…

From mortal enemies to unexpected allies, two teenagers try to protect everything that matters most.

Ella Harper has met every challenge that life has thrown her way. She’s tough, resilient, and willing to do whatever it takes to defend the people she loves, but the challenge of a long-lost father and a boyfriend whose life is on the line might be too much for even Ella to overcome.

Reed Royal has a quick temper and even faster fists. But his tendency to meet every obstacle with violence has finally caught up with him. If he wants to save himself and the girl he loves, he’ll need to rise above his tortured past and tarnished reputation.

No one believes Ella can survive the Royals. Everyone is sure Reed will destroy them all.
They may be right.

With everything and everyone conspiring to keep them apart, Ella and Reed must find a way to beat the law, save their families, and unravel all the secrets in their Twisted Palace.
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Katie’s Review

After the major cliffy at the end of Broken Prince, I was left biting my nails down to the quick for MONTHS while we all waited to find out what happened! MONTHS of pure torture; did he or didn’t he? How are they going to come back from this? What is Ella thinking?

These were just some of the questions I pondered with friends for months. Hours and hours were spent with these friends, trying to figure out what is going to happen next. After this, I was so certain I knew exactly what would happen, and I was waiting for the moment I could tell my friends, “I told you so!”

Boy, was I wrong! In all the hours we pondered, nothing could have prepared me for the emotional free-fall I felt while reading Twisted Palace.  After reading thousands of books over the last few years, it really takes a lot to surprise me. Even if I don’t have the minute details predicted early on, I can usually predict the general state of the outcome, knowing who is on what side.  Erin has definitely shocked the heck out of me with this one!

Can we talk about my seriously, probably very unhealthy obsession with all things Royal? As the tagline says, “These Royals will ruin you”. Well, they have. Completely. Reed, and all his sexy, ferocious protectiveness of Ella and his family. Callum, who surprises me all the time, showed so much vulnerability while still remaining unwavering in strength for his family in this book. I fell for him even harder during this one. The twins. Oh, the twins. I cannot WAIT to find out if we are going to be hearing more from them in the future! Gideon was not around much, but when we did hear about him, I can tell there is more to his story. And Easton… he might be the most intriguing of the bunch.

At the end of Broken Prince, we have a surprise visitor show up. As Twisted Palace progressed, I was confused by this complex, intriguing visitor. I wasn’t sure what to think about them, but even I didn’t see the ending coming! The surprising hero of the story is one I never saw coming, and I loved it!

I really loved the way the Ella and Reed chapters of this series were wrapped up but I’m so glad they left plenty of openings to continue on with the other Royal family members! Here’s to hoping for many more books from these Royal boys! (And yes, I include Callum in my hopes! He might have been lost for awhile, but everyone deserves happiness!)

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