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It’s KA… so even though I’m not a paranormal fan, I’m going to give it a try.


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Leah Buchanan’s family has been in service to vampires for five centuries. Even so, Leah wants nothing to do with her family’s legacy. But when she’s summoned to her Selection by the Vampire Dominion, under familial pressure, she has no choice but to go.

Lucien has been living under the strict edicts of the Vampire Dominion for centuries but he’s tired of these ancient laws stripping away everything that is the essence of the vampire.

So he’s taking it back.

And this is because Lucien has been watching and waiting for decades for Leah to become available for a Selection and he will not be limited with what he can do with her. He will have her, all of her.

Therefore, Lucien is going to tame Leah, even if he gets hunted and killed for doing it.

What neither Leah nor Lucien expects is the strong bond that will form between them, connecting them on unprecedented levels for mortals or immortals. And what will grow between them means they will challenge their ways of life and their union will begin The Prophesies which makes them one of three couples who will save humanity… or die in the effort.

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Around 10% into this book, I was kicking myself. WHAT WAS I WAITING FOR?! I am a confessed Kristen Ashley fanatic, but I have avoided this series because I was nervous about the paranormal aspect. Yes, this book is about vampires and concubines, but it is SO much more. It is the tried and true Kristen Ashley alpha male and strong, stubborn heroine.

The backdrop of this story is vampires, but not the kind that sparkle in the sun. These vampires are human. Yes, they move at super human speed and have insane strength. But, they eat regular food and sleep at night. They will also not burn in the sun. All of this helped me get into the story more, it made it more believable. But it was really Lucien that made the story for me.

Oh, Lucien. He was a true KA alpha. Twenty years ago, he found Leah Buchannan and “marked” her. He waited, bided his time and when she became available for “selection”, he let all around know of his intention. Lean was his and anyone who thought differently would be dealt with, especially Leah. When asked why the rules didn’t apply to him…

 “Why not you?” she asked?”
“Because I want you”
“But I don’t want you.”
“That doesn’t matter. You’re mine.”

Leah, on the other hand, was not into this whole vampire concubine thing. For centuries, her family has serviced the vampire community with great fanfare. They are seen as the best of the best. Leah could care less. She doesn’t want to spend the next however many years, being a plaything for a vampire. She isn’t quiet about this…not at all. Vampire concubines are expected to service their master, never question their motives and always do as they say. Leah is incapable of doing anything of these. She is strong minded, outspoken and refuses to roll over and submit to anyone.

Lucien likes the challenge Leah possesses. As Lucien works to “tame” her, a different Leah comes out. A submissive, by the book Leah, that Lucien decides he doesn’t want after all. He misses the spunky, sarcastic Leah. Refusing to fall for someone that she doesn’t have a future with, Leah resorts to just doing as Lucien says, and hoping her term ends quickly.

Watching Leah retreat into herself, and lose what made Leah, Leah was difficult to read. My heart just ached for her. It was painful to watch her give up.

“You forced me out of my home and my life. You’ve made me leave my friends and my job. During my initiation you caused me more pain that I’ve ever felt in my life. You’ve controlled my mind and my body. You’ve humiliated me. Today, you betrayed my trust. Tonight, you betrayed me.”


“You win,” she whispered in her dead voice. “I can’t fight you, Lucien. You win.”

There was so much swirling around in the background of this book, that I just wanted to lock myself away and finish it. Even a fast reader like myself cannot finish a KA book in one sitting, but, oh how I wanted to! There was the impending war that even a man of Lucien’s stature couldn’t fend off. There was Lucien’s evil father and ex-mate, Katrina who were hell bent on destroying everything Lucien held dear. There were the terrifying dreams that Lucien and Leah shared, not to mention the prophecy. What did it all mean and how in the world was it going to end?? Until the Sun Falls From the Sky has shot to the top to sit alongside Sweet Dreams and Law Man as the best of the best. I can’t wait to jump into the rest of the series to see how it all plays out. Even if you are not a paranormal fan, you will love this one!

“Eight hundred, twenty-two years, I’ve never felt anything this beautiful.”

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