Virgin Wars by Sarah Bale ~Amy’s Review


The title and cover of this book intrigued me so I thought I’d give it a try.



Stacie Gregory and her three closest friends share the same secret: they’re all mid-twenties virgins. It’s never been an issue before, but when one of them loses their virginity it sets off a race the others don’t want to lose. The last one with their V-card will never live it down.

Stacie’s solution is simple – she’ll seduce her favorite male stripper. If he does other things half as well as he dances she’ll have no problem winning the war against her friends. Only it’s not as easy as she thought. Turns out even strippers have baggage, and she has way more to lose than her virginity. With her plans for a grand seduction in ruins, Stacie must decide what’s more important: Love or Sex.


After hearing this title and seeing the cover I wanted to love this book.  It started out fun with a very diverse group of characters.  However the further into the story I got the less I liked the characters.  They quickly became people that I wouldn’t call friends.

I enjoyed the Heat portion of the book.  The guys were fun, diverse, and sexy.  I also really loved getting a more in depth look into a writers life. Both of these parts of the storyline grabbed and held my attention.  The relationship between Stacie and Evie was real and genuine.  Whenever they were together I ate the story up.

What I had a hard time with was the relationship between Jace and Stacie.  Their interactions were minimal and almost all took place in the backroom of a strip club.  It wasn’t believable to me that they built any kind of real relationship based on how little time they spent together or even communicated via text.

I enjoyed this book enough to read it wall in a day but there were too many little things that didn’t flow right for me to love it.

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