Who We Were by Kelly Elliott~ CASSIE’S REVIEW


Kelly is an automatic read for me. I was especially excited to read it knowing why she decided to write this particular book  even though it is not based in Texas.




My Papai always said wine made everything better. Countless times he uttered those familiar words to me— “The Merlot will melt your problems away meu amor. With a good bottle of wine in your hand, you hold the magical key to anything you want.”

I believed my father whole heartily, until my world came crashing down on me at twenty-four years old.

It wasn’t going to take wine to help Brody and I find our way back to one another. It was going to take fighting … not only for our love—

But for my life.


I have read a few books that deal with life threatening issues. This one stand out though. It stands out because the focus wasn’t on just the implications of the character who is going through the issues…it shows how other aspects of life goes on and most importantly how loved ones near us are affected. This book has so much love, affection, and fun despite the underlying fear and sadness. It is something only a skilled and seasoned writer could pull off.

Brody. He is definitely one of Kelly’s typical Texas men…which by no stretch is a bad thing. It is actually a wonderful thing. He is sweet, charming, and loves his girl more than anything…he puts her heart first…no matter the situation. He is definitely on my top list of Cowboys.

Brynlee. First of all, that name is kick-BUTT. I just love it. Beautiful and unique name for a beautiful and unique woman. She is strong and boy is she fierce when obstacles are thrown her way. She is also kind, gentle, and the epitome of what a fighter should be.

This book just has a special meaning for all woman as I think it will hit close to home in one way or another to everyone who reads it. This is a book that makes me want to hug of fellow sister in life. To help rise above the issues we face. This book is an inspiration to womankind.

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