WITHIN THESE WALLS by J.L. Berg — Jenn’s Review



I’m a huge fan of JL Berg.




Within these walls, he became my solace, my sanctuary and my strength.

I am not strong. I am just a survivor of circumstance.
Isn’t that what we all do? Survive?

Each of us has our own set of circumstances to muddle through. Mine are just more…complicated.

Born with a severe heart defect, I’ve seen the inside of a hospital room more than my own bedroom.

I was drowning, a prisoner to the illness that owned me, until he appeared. He thinks he’s blocked out the world with his tattoos and hard exterior, but I see the real Jude, the one he so desperately wants to forget.

But is he the answer to my prayers or will he break my already damaged heart forever?

My name is Lailah Buchanan, and this is our story of hope, redemption and sacrificing it all for the one you love.

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Jude Cavanaugh is a shell of the man he used to be; A brilliant man about to get married to the girl of his dreams, poised to take over his family’s multi-billion dollar corporation. The entire world was at his fingertips… then, in a second, it wasn’t. Now he is Jude C: Certified Nursing Assistant and loner.
Lailah Buchannan has spent her entire life waiting. Waiting for either a new heart, or the one she has to finally give out on her. She just waits… for something… for anything. Then, a single pudding cup changes her life.

Jude feels an unhealthy pull towards Lailah and while he tries to stay away from her, he decides to hell with it. After living for years under a cloud of darkness, Lailah brings light to his life. To say they have obstacles in their path is an understatement. Lailah needs a new heart, without it, her chances at living are slim. To Jude, it feels like he has waited years for Lailah to brighten his life, he would do ANYTHING for her to live and to receive a new heart. Even if it meant destroying his own.

This is the kind of book that is hard to review without spoiling the story. They are twists in the story, moments that made me gasp, moments that made me swoon (seriously, Jude is something else!), and moments that had me tossing my kindle and walking away. Tears filled my eyes no less than four times, both happy and sad. Jen has this ability to draw you so far into the lives of her characters; you experience their emotions alongside them. My heart broke over and over again for both Jude and Lailah. Their path just seems impossible. This is the kind of book you carve out time for. You aren’t going to want to stop once you start. The words flow off the page and just fill you up with sadness, hope and love. Jude and Lailah will capture you, and stay with you long after you finish. As a HUGE fan of J.L. Berg’s, I can say with confidence that this is her best work thus far.

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