Words I Couldn’t Say by Tessa Teevan-Cassie’s Review


Why I Read It

I loved Ava’s parents’ story so I knew Teevan would nail her story as well.

What I Rated It 


What It’s About

You know the old adage “if you love something, set it free?”
It’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.
The dumbest thing I’ve ever done.
I loved her. I lost her. Hell, I let her go. And then spent five miserable years without her.

To cope with the loss, I put pen to paper and wrote her a love story, knowing when she was ready she’d hear the words I couldn’t say all those years ago.

Turned out, not only would she hear them, but when Hollywood came calling, I made sure she got the lead role. After all, no one else could portray the character whom she’d inspired.
Now she’s within arms’ reach and finally, she’ll know the truth in my heart.

Because that other cliché, “Actions speak louder than words?”
I’m going to prove it.

My words may have brought Ava Banks back into my life; I have to be enough to make her stay.

Cassie’s Review

Can anyone explain to me just how ironic it is that I have no words to write that would do Words I Couldn’t Say justice?

I had just finished reading Jeremy’s and Sierra’s book when I started this I was curious to see how Ava’s story would shine in it’s own light.

Well let me tell you, as in any other book Ava Banks is in, she not only steals the light, but takes it hostage. We may have fell in love with her as a child, but her as an adult will leave you in awe. Her drive despite heartache is admirable. And don’t worry, the dramatics of her childhood pay off nicely for her.

Tucker is special. I will always have a soft spot for those who step in when their family needs it the most. His love rivals Jeremy’s in a way that it is indeed history repeating itself, but still has its own quirks and unique aspects.

There were a few twists and turns I was pretty sure were meant to bleed my heart out, but I have come to learn this is Teevan at her finest. She knows just when to turn the knife in your gut and the exact time to take it out.

This book is easily one of my top reads for the year if not ever.

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