Worth Fighting For by Kirsty Moseley – Katie’s Review


Why I read it

I read part one of the duet, and I loved it!

What I rated it

4 stars

What it’s about

Kirsty Moseley brings us the sequel to Fighting to be Free.

Sometimes in life you have to walk away . . .

Leaving Jamie Cole was the hardest thing Ellie Pearce ever had to do. Somehow, she moved on. She made a new life in a new city with a new man. So when a family tragedy calls Ellie back home, she believes all her old feelings for Jamie-the hunger, the heat, the heartbreak-are safely behind her. But the second she lays eyes on him, the intensity of their connection is as strong as ever.

Sometimes you stay and fight . . .

Jamie knows pain. He’s felt it fighting in the streets, and he felt it fighting to survive in prison. Yet nothing he’s experienced has been as painful as the day Ellie left-until the moment she came back. This time Jamie is determined to hold on to Ellie forever. But as much as she still loves him, she can’t ignore the dark world he’s now a part of. Jamie has enemies. Dangerous ones. And after seeing Jamie with Ellie, they know exactly how to take him out . . .

leaf dividerKatie’s Review

It’s very rare for me to be conflicted when I read a book on what to review it. Typically, I finish the book, and I have a rating already chosen. But this book had me conflicted. On one hand, I absolutely loved the first book and this book was not by any means a let down. I really liked the story and I loved where Kirsty took the storyline.

My heart went out to Ellie. She was working, based on false information Jamie left her with after the ending of the first book. She lived a half-life. I really felt her working through the emotions and just trying to get through her life. She’s moved on, or has she?

Ellie has the weight of the world on her shoulders. So much has changed, and she must find the strength to lead her family into their new version of normal. Anyone who has ever had to deal with what Ellie and her family did knows that this will probably be the hardest thing you have to ever do. Dealing with my own recent tradgedies, I could relate to Ellie on so many levels. Her iron will was inspiring. Many women people have faltered under less.

Jamie broke my heart on multiple occasions, while at the same time, frustrated me to no ends. His decisions, while noble, were quite frustrating at times. Even though he frustrated me, I still loved him. His undying love and dedication to Ellie was inspiring!

Seeing the interaction between Jamie and Ellie after their time apart felt right. It felt like par for the course on the path to reconciliation. I loved that it wasn’t an instant jump back into the old relationship. They had a lot of obstacles and hoops to jump through, and they made sure things were right. I really liked that it happened the way that it did.

Although I truly loved the storyline, there was one sticking point that kept popping up in my head, and impacted my reading of the book. This would be how Americans are able to live and work abroad for extended periods of time. I just found it hard to believe she would have been able to work and live abroad without returning home to apply for work Visa’s. While I am not an expert, this one detail impacted my enjoyment. I still loved the book, and will recommend this to others in the future!

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